We started with a sign in some dirt.

Like many Americans, our family felt a call to action when the movement for Black lives gained momentum after the murder of George Floyd. We came up with the idea of baking out of our home kitchen and donating the profits to racial justice organizations, and our local community stepped up to support the bake sale.

Louies Bake for Justice is a weekly bake sale that we, the Louie family, operate out of our home kitchen. We have carefully calculated the costs of our materials and ingredients to ensure that 100% of our profits are donated to racial justice work and needs.


Ari Louie

Hi! I’m Ari. I’m the one who came up with this project, and I do a lot of the baking, the research on where to donate, and I update this site as well as our other social media! I am a 4th-year UC Berkeley Rhetoric student taking a year off during the pandemic. I am looking to spend my life combining my love of food, plants, and art with my passion for community-based social justice work.

Aidan Louie

Aidan helps with everything from sending texts to coordinate orders, to plotting out delivery maps to doing the dishes to calculating ingredient costs!

Ajax Louie

Ajax is our guard dog. He tells us that he’s an excellent baker, but since he’s not allowed in the kitchen while we bake, he has yet to prove his skills. Instead, he sits outside of the kitchen, whining, arfing and complaining about “dogscrimination.”

Linda Louie

The woman who brought you Ari and Aidan. She taught us to bake and is a heavy lifter when it comes to baking, cleaning and deliveries! She writes the notes that we put in order bags each week and keeps us all at our best!

Kiera Salvo

Kiera might not officially be a Louie, but she’s pretty dang close. She is the computer queen who makes our order forms work and she is a master delivery map maker, as well as a kitchen helper and general moral supporter. But most of all Kiera loves Louie granola more than anyone we’ve ever met. She is the true authority on all things granola!

Chip Louie

The dad. He is our backbone who helps with everything other than scooping cookies (and keeps us all sane).

Please note that Louies Bake for Justice is NOT a 501c3 (yet), so buying from our bake sale is sadly not tax-deductible. But your money goes to excellent people and organizations, and you get good stuff! Plus, we are looking into becoming a 501c3 or partnering with organizations, so stay tuned!

Giving “Just Desserts” a whole new meaning.