The deadline to order this week is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24th AT NOON!


All profits from the Thanksgiving sale will be donated to organizations led by Indigenous people which seek justice for Indigenous people and which support Indigenous communities, cultures and sovereignty.

Heart Attack Mashed Potatoes

These are not a health food, but they’re soooo worth it. We whip our potatoes to perfection with a proprietary blend of buttermilk, butter, cream cheese and sour cream for perfectly rich, smooth potatoes. This is the ultimate celebration of the glorious potato. Just take the lid off, throw the tin in the oven at 400 for 20 minutes (maybe with some shredded cheese or green onions on top), and enjoy. (PERISHABLE, PLEASE REFRIGERATE)

Sweet Potato Goodness

Linda is the master of the candied yam at our family Thanksgivings, and she’s figured out a way to bring the deliciousness to you! We roast sweet potatoes to caramelized perfection, then whip them up with an irresistible blend of brown sugar, butter and orange juice. These take sweet potatoes to the next level. Use your leftovers to make the best sweet potato pie ever! (PERISHABLE, PLEASE REFRIGERATE)

Salty-Sweet Cornbread

Salty-sweet cornbread that strikes the perfect balance of corny and cakey. Studded with nuggets of sweet corn. Eat it cold, or pan-toast and drizzle with honey and butter for peak scrumptiousness! The perfect appetizer for your beans.

Cranberry Beans

This week’s bean special is Rancho Gordo Heirloom Cranberry beans. These smooth, delicate beans mimic the texture of refried beans with almost no fat added. The flavor, however, is richer and more aromatic than almost any beans (refried or not!) that you can get in a restaurant. They work great by themselves or paired with any type of grain. They are perfect for Mexican dishes.

Steve Sando’s description of these beans: “Versatile and velvety, this thin-skinned Borlotti bean produces a rich, indulgent bean broth, making it perfect for classic Italian dishes as well as simple pot beans.

Cranberry beans are soft and dense with a velvety, rich texture. The thin skins help produce a rich bean broth, making it the natural friend of pasta e fagioli (pasta fazool) as the liquid coats each noodle with its luxurious sauce.

In Mexico you’ll find these as Cacahuate (peanut) beans and in Patzcuaro, you’ll fall in love with them in a good Sopa Tarasca, which is about one third pureed cranberry beans, one third roasted tomatoes and one third chicken stock, topped off with some deep fried tortilla strips.

A favorite staff meal here at Rancho Gordo is a bowl of Cranberry beans with poached chicken pieces, drizzled with your best fruity olive oil. Simple and sublime!”

Cranberry Sauce

Classic cranberry sauce made with beautiful fresh cranberries. Not too sweet and not too tart. Put it on anything and everything! (PERISHABLE, KEEP REFRIGERATED)

Cinnamon-Apple Buttermilk Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

Ari’s moist and delicious cinnamon apple buttermilk cake, topped with a slather of our famous buttermilk cream cheese frosting. The cake itself is amazing, and the nuggets of apple are the perfect addition. A new take on Thanksgiving dessert, but (dare we say) wayyyy better than plain old pumpkin or apple pie (and more socially acceptable to have with your coffee the next morning). (FROSTING IS PERISHABLE, PLEASE REFRIGERATE)

“Justice is what love looks like in public.”

Dr. Cornel West