Hello bake sale family!

Apologies for our silence this past week! This week’s bake sale menu is up, and we’ve come back with aaaall the bake sale essentials. Check out the menu or place your order by Saturday at noon! I apologize that this is a bit last minute, but please get your order in quickly because the deadline is tomorrow at noon!!

~ Please stay tuned for another email from me today ~ I’ll be writing to you all about the future of the bake sale. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it 🙂

We are serving up more of a meal-oriented menu this week, including a roasted vegetable medley, heirloom Cranberry beans and Midnight beans from Rancho Gordo, fancy granola, biscuits, salty chewy cookies (which won the cookie competition by a small margin!), and “springkle” sugar cookies (some of our favorites!). 

The last bake sale (two weeks ago) was absolutely huge, which is part of why we needed a bit of a break! We raised funds in three ways: by selling Passover macaroons to relatives ($242 in profits), by selling 380 cookies to the set of a TV show ($544 in profits!), and by running our usual bake sale ($1,003 in profits!!!!)! In total, the profits added up to $1,790. Thank you very much to EVERYONE who supported the last bake sale in such a big way — it was truly one of our biggest and best weeks to date! We have officially donated over $30k since last June ($3,723, to be exact)….WOW. We donated the funds to the following five organizations ($358 each!)! 

Read more about why we’re supporting these orgs below. I am trying to be more concise, and we donated to these places in the past for the most part, so please check out their websites if you’d like to learn more about them! There is a LOT to learn on their sites.

Here goes:

April is sexual assault awareness month, but let’s be more than aware. Educate yourself about rape culture, how it has seeped into every part of our society, and what it will take for us to change this culture. Commit to being part of the change. Sexual violence, like the pandemic and racial violence, IS a systemic public health problem. It is not private, and it must not be treated as a collection of individual personal problems. It MUST NOT be treated as the fault of victims, or as the inevitable result of men’s “urges.” I’m sure many of you know this, but I’ll say it anyway: Women, especially women of color, especially queer and trans women, and ESPECIALLY queer and trans women of color are impacted the most by sexual and domestic violence, and provided with the least resources to escape and heal. Something else to consider: anti-trans legislation is yet another form of gendered and sexual violence, written into law. Gender justice and racial justice are not separable! These are the organizations we supported with these thoughts in mind:

East Los Angeles Women’s Center

Peace Over Violence

The fight for fair and accessible housing in L.A. (and everywhere) continues. I encourage you all to learn more about what’s happening on the ground from following the following organizations on social media, and reading the information on their websites. I won’t ramble on too much, but housing access is one of the single most important issues impacting our community right now. Stable, safe housing and accessible food for all of our neighbors are the first steps to an L.A. we can truly be proud of. 

Pay attention to how much money is being spent paying police to intimidate peaceful demonstrators and to attack unhoused people (who are simply trying to survive) as opposed to the money spent supporting our most vulnerable. It might be basic to “follow the money,” but our city is so transparently, visibly inhumane and violent that all you need to do is look at their receipts to see it. Here is where we have donated to support housing rights and access this week:


Inner City Law Center

Street Watch L.A. 

Other places to donate if you’d like: 

L.A. LGBTQ Center

Gender Justice L.A.

Place your order by TOMORROW, Saturday, at noon! As always, 100% of profits will be donated to incredible community-serving racial and social justice organizations.

With love and solidarity,

The Louies

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